Xprab Injection

Xprab Injection

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Xprab Injections given to folks that are at higher risk of getting full of the disease Rabies. It's a significant viral disease caused by the rabies virus present within the saliva of animals like dogs, rabbits, etc. This disease gets transmitted from one animal to a different human through scratches on an injury, bite and saliva of infected animals. Xprab injection is an immunoglobin containing antibodies that help in the prevention of post-exposure to rabies by neutralising the rabies virus. It's an inactivated injection that activates the formation of antibodies i.e. proteins within the body. For a good result, this injection should be administered immediately and appropriately. One who was already vaccinated against rabies needs not take this injection.

Some common side effects are swelling of lymph nodes, Pain, Joint Pain, Redness and Swelling at the location of injection.

Uses Of Xprab Injection


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