Typbar Tcv Pfs Vaccine 0.5ml (I)

Typbar Tcv Pfs Vaccine 0.5ml (I)

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Typbar Tcv Pfs  is an active immunization vaccine used in the prevention of a bacterial disease known as Typhoid also known as Enteric Fever. Typhoid is caused due to acute infection of the intestine by rod-shaped bacteria, Salmonella typhi. This disease is common in children of the age group of 1-15 years. Nearly 2.5 million people suffer from typhoid annually. The disease spreads through food and water contaminated with the faeces of the patient.

This is a mandatory vaccine for those who travel to areas where this fever is very common. It helps the body build its protection against bacteria. It provides immunity for about three years and to provide continuous immunity it is necessary to take a booster after every three years.

Common Side Effects are :

Malaise, Headache, Nausea, Diarrhea and Redness & Swelling at the site of injection.

Uses Of Typbar Tcv Pfs Vaccine 0.5ml (I)


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