Thyroxinol 25mg Tablet 100'S (G) (M)

Thyroxinol 25mg Tablet 100'S (G) (M)

Content: Thyroxine (25mcg)
Type: Tablet
Package Type: 100 Tablet
*Prescription Required
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Thyroxinol 25 Tablet is a medication that is used to treat a thyroid gland that is underactive (hypothyroidism). It helps balance your body's energy and metabolism by replacing the hormone that your thyroid gland does not generate in appropriate amounts.

Your doctor will perform a blood test to determine the correct dose for you before you begin taking Thyroxinol 25 Tablet. You'll have regular blood tests to see how well the medicine is working once you start taking it, and the dose may be modified as needed. It's recommended to take it before your first meal of the day, on an empty stomach. To obtain the most benefit from this medicine, you should take it on a regular basis. It could take a few weeks for your symptoms to improve.

The most prevalent negative effects of this medication are caused by taking more than the recommended dose. Palpitations (irregular heartbeat), vomiting, anxiety, diarrhea, weight loss, agitation, or restlessness are all possible adverse effects. When you're on the appropriate dose, most of the adverse effects will go away. If you have a very high temperature, a fast or irregular heart rate, low blood pressure, yellowness in your eyes or skin, confusion, or fits, call your doctor very once.  

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