Swadeshi Giloy Vati

Swadeshi Giloy Vati

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The Swadeshi Giloy Vati is basically an ayurvedic medicine which is best for boosting the immunity and major digestive problems. This medicine is healthy for maintaining proper digestion in the body. The patient also maintains their blood sugar levels with this medicine. The ingredients are good and also acts a relief in allergic response. The patient should only maintain the dosage of medicines. Regular use of this medicines helps in relieving common gas problems.

This medicine is mainly prescribed for the treatment of:
1) Gas problems
2) Digestion issues
3) Boosting immunity
4) Helps in lowering body temperature
5) Useful for diabetic patients
6) Fever 
7) Muscle pain
8) Acidity problems
9) Dysentery 
10) Blood sugar levels

This medicine overall improves the health condition of the body by boosting the immunity and also depletes the root cause of diseases.

Side Effects:
This is an Ayurvedic medicine so it shows very rare side effects. This medicine has not shown any side effects till yet. The pregnant women can also take this medicine as it is totally healthy for it.

The dosage with key ingredients should be prescribed according to different age and gender.

The patient should consult doctor when there is minute feel of some problem arise.
If the person is allergic to ayurvedic medicine, try to avoid it though it shows many benefits.
Without any doctor’s prescription, it should not be taken.

Uses Of Swadeshi Giloy Vati

Fever | Immunity Boosters

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