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A prescription drug called Stalopam plus Tablet is used to treat anxiety disorders. It is a combination drug that soothes the brain by reducing aberrant and excessive nerve cell activity. It also enhances mood by boosting the level of a chemical messenger in the brain.

It is possible to take Stalopam plus Tablet with or without food. However, it is recommended that you take it at the same time each day to provide a regular dose of medicine in your body. Because this medicine has the potential to create a habit, only take it in the dose and for the length of time prescribed by your doctor. If you forget to take a dose of this drug, take it as soon as possible. Even if you feel better, complete the entire course of treatment. It is critical not to abruptly stop using this medication because withdrawal symptoms may occur.

Delay in ejaculation, decreased sexual desire, vomiting, memory impairment, sadness, and confusion are all common side effects of this medication. It can also make you feel dizzy and sleepy. So, until you know how this prescription affects you, don't drive or do anything else that demands mental focus. It can cause weight increase or decrease, depending on the individual. You can avoid weight gain by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. Weight loss, on the other hand, can be avoided by increasing food portions in your diet. It's critical to tell your doctor if you experience any strange mood swings, as these can lead to suicidal thoughts


Uses Of STALOPAM PLUS Tablet 15's

Depression | Anxiety Disorder

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