Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment

Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment

Manufacturer: Solumiks Piramal Ltd
Type: Others
Package Type: 60 ml Liniment
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The Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment is composed of different types of oils which are used to get relief from muscular pain. It acts as the instant relief to the wounded area. It is best in sprain, stiffness of neck muscles, pain in joints. The core ingredients are Nilgiri oil, Menthol, Katturna oil, Devadaru oil. This is also composed in form of gel which can be easy to use. It soothes the pain and inflammation by increasing vascular permeability.

This medicine is prescribed for instant pain relief under following uses: stiffness, joint problems, swollen legs, muscle pain, anti-inflammation properties, and instant relief to wounded area.

The Pyroflex liniment gives relief from muscle pain. It acts as the painkiller to the injured part. This is taken under the doctor consultation only. If the patient has the allergies with any of the ingredients, try avoiding it.

Direction to Use:
Apply 5-6 drops of oil on the wounded area twice a day to get better results. Massage it in proper direction.

Gel: Apply the gel to the wounded area. Do not massage.

The liniment directly affects the pain area and causes relief from the pain. It relives the muscles from stiffness and considers them to normal. It is effective medicine and easy to use. It gives proper heat to the musculoskeletal system to work faster. It opens up the clogged blood and circulate the blood properly.

Avoid applying to the injured part where chances of infection are high.
Try to avoid it from children.
It causes inflammation when it is applied to the bleeding or injured part.

Uses Of Solumiks Pyroflex Liniment


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