SBL Viscum Album Dilution 30 CH

SBL Viscum Album Dilution 30 CH

Manufacturer: SBL (P) Ltd
Type: Dilution
Package Type: 30 ml Dilution
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SBL Viscum Album Dilution is used for Hypertension, diplopia, extreme cold, frequent vertigo, asthmatic diseases, sciatica, and other connected issues. It relieves tension and aids in the management of high blood pressure. It is safe to use and has no adverse effects because of its homeopathic nature.  

Benefits of using this drug:

  • - It is used to treat hypertension as well as to alleviate any psychological issues.
  • - It aids in the relief of the uncomfortable condition of diplopia.
  • - It relieves vertigo and anxiety-related symptoms, as well as dullness and giddiness.
  • - It aids in the treatment of severe headaches and low blood pressure.
  • - Asthma symptoms are relieved and respiratory functions are improved.
  • - Sciatica discomfort is also relieved.

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