SBL Hepar Sulphur Dilution 30 CH

SBL Hepar Sulphur Dilution 30 CH

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Package Type: 30 ml Dilution
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SBL Hepar Sulphur is a homeopathic medicine. Hepar Sulphur is obtained by burning the white interior part of oyster shells in a crucible with pure flowers of sulphur.

It has many benefits like:
It is very effective in treating constant sneeze due to exposure cold air or dry wind with a runny nose. 
It provides quick relief in cough, sore throat and nose blockage, with yellow discharges
It is effective in treatment of bronchial asthma 
Effective in reducing headaches and vertigo especially when moving or shaking the head
Helps in treatment inflamed lymphatic glands
Effective in bone related problems
Heals digestive disorder like against digestive problems and smelly stools

It is advised to take 3-5 drops in 1 teaspoon of water 3 times a day or as advised by the doctor. You should not use any strong smell along with medicine like garlic, coffee, asafetida, onion or camphor.  Keep half hour gap between medicine and food or drink or any other medicine.

Side Effects:
There are no side effects reported but it should be strictly taken under medical supervision.

Uses Of SBL Hepar Sulphur Dilution 30 CH

Cold & Cough

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