SBL Cholesterinum Trituration Tablet 3X

SBL Cholesterinum Trituration Tablet 3X

Manufacturer: SBL (P) Ltd
Type: Tablet
Package Type: 25 gm Trituration Tablet
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It is a homeopathic medicine that treats diseases related to the liver and gallbladder. It also cures diseases that are caused by the unhealthy liver such as jaundice and increased size of the liver. It is also helpful in preventing the production of gall stones.

It reduces high cholesterol
It is helpful in treating the symptoms of renal colic
Effective in the treatment of insomnia and problems related to sleep
It also works as a tonic for the liver
Provides relief in the liver area
Useful for terminating the production of the gall stones.
Minimizes the swelling of the pancreas.
Helps in the treatment of puking and nausea.

It should be prescribed by your doctor

Do not exceed the limit of your dosage
Keep it away from the children
You must read the label before consuming the medicine
Place in a cool and dry place
You can take this medicine along with the other medicine such as allopathy|
There should not be any strong odor in the mouth like garlic, asafoetida, onion, and espresso.
Take 30 minutes of a gap between meal/beverage or any other medicines.
Prohibit the use of tobacco and alcohol.
If you are in condition to deliver a baby or feeding your child then consult your doctor before consuming it
Medicine should be prescribed by your doctor

Uses Of SBL Cholesterinum Trituration Tablet 3X

Liver Care | Stomach Care

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