SBL Carica Papaya Mother Tincture Q

SBL Carica Papaya Mother Tincture Q

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Package Type: 30 ml Mother Tincture
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SBL Carica Papaya Mother Tincture Q is a medicine made from a tree called papaya which treats liver and digestion problems. It also cures dyspepsia and uterine issues. It is helpful for patients who are suffering from Asthma, chest pain, backache, and abdomen. Doctors recommend this medicine when patients suffer from the issues like the increased size of the liver and spleen with fever and dark-colored pee.

1. Balances menstrual flow
2. Cures bitter taste of mouth
3. Helpful in treating varicose ulcers
4. Cleans your stomach by excluding parasites and worms from the intestine.
5. Minimizes back pain, abdomen pain, and stomach pain.

Put SBL Carica Papaya Mother Tincture Q in a half cup and pour normal water. Consume it twice a day until you get the relief. The dosage can also be prescribed by your doctor.

Uses Of SBL Carica Papaya Mother Tincture Q

Liver Care | Stomach Care

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