SBL Camphora Dilution 200 CH

SBL Camphora Dilution 200 CH

Manufacturer: SBL (P) Ltd
Type: Others
Package Type: 30 ml Dilution
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The SBL Camphora Dilution 200 CH is basically the best medicine for many problems like congested nose, cough, cold, sneezing shoot, fever, body pain. It is cost-effective and provides good results in pain. This medicine gives relief faster in pain. It is homeopathy medicine.

This medicine is used in the treatment of :
1)Heavy cold
2)Mild-to-moderate fever
4)Joint pain
5)Major headaches 
7)Upset stomach
8)Dryness in the throat
9)Running nose

-This medicine has very rare side effects if only the person is allergic to the medicine or taking a heavy dosage of it. They are extreme mood swings, sleepiness, nervousness, excitement. 
-If the person is allergic to some of the compositions, then try to avoid it.

-Aware of the expiry dates.
-Read the label properly.
-Do not drink alcohol with medicines.
-Every medicine is safe but to some extent, don’t depend too much on medicine. 
-It is safe for kidneys, heart, liver, but only if it is for a short duration. 
-Pregnant women should consult a doctor twice before taking any medicine.
-Do not experiment with different medicines to yourself by consuming them.
-The doctor’s recommendation is mandatory with medicines. 

Uses Of SBL Camphora Dilution 200 CH


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