SBL Bryonia Alba Dilution 1000 CH

SBL Bryonia Alba Dilution 1000 CH

Manufacturer: SBL (P) Ltd
Type: Others
Package Type: 30 ml Dilution
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The SBL Bryonia Alba Dilution 1000 CH is basically the homeopathy medicine that is used for the treatment of multiple types of problems like extreme sneezing, fever, cold, major headaches, muscle pain, and many more minor issues. The medicine is safe and affordable. The medicine is only used when it is recommended by a doctor. The proper dosage is mandatory. 

This medicine has not yet experienced side effects in patients.
But, if the person is allergic to any of the ingredients of meds, try to avoid it.
The medicine has only shown very rare side effects like upset stomach, nervousness, dizziness when the dosage is taken in overdose or not regularly.
Follow the doctor's recommendation strictly.

Do not take alcohol with medicines. It will not affect or sometimes the medicine show some side effects.
When the medicine is taken for children, consult your doctor twice.
This medicine doesn’t show some harmful effects on kidneys, liver, and heart but it is not good for taking regularly for a long duration.

Drink the water mixture containing 5-6 drops of SBL Bryonia Alba Dilution 1000 CH twice or thrice a day. 

Uses Of SBL Bryonia Alba Dilution 1000 CH


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