SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet

SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet

Manufacturer: SBL (P) Ltd
Type: Tablets
Package Type: 25 gm Biocombination Tablet
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It is the medicine the help in curing effects generated from conditions like spasmodic cough and breathlessness. It helps in relieving the flatulence and cough.

Its key ingredients are Natrum sulphuricum, Magnesia phosphorica, Kalium phosphoricum, Natrum muriaticum. It is also useful in the treatment of asthma-like bronchial asthma and irregular pulse. It also helps in relieving convulsive tickling cough. It is also useful in treating complaints of lungs with mucus.

Side Effects:
There are no such side effects seen from this medicine. Pregnant women can also take this medicine if prescribed by the doctor.

For adults 4 tablets to be taken every three hours and for children half the dose as. It is recommended to have this medicine half-hour or before the meal, adults or as prescribed by the doctor or physician.

Safety Tips:
During the course of this medicine avoid tobacco and alcohol. Try to avoid the strong smell of raw onion, garlic, coffee, and mint, etc. It should be recommended to have at least a half-hour gap between this medicine and any other medicine, meal, or drinks.

Uses Of SBL Bio-Combination 2 Tablet

Asthma Medicine

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