SBL Ache-Nil Drop

SBL Ache-Nil Drop

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Type: Drops
Package Type: 30 ml Drop
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The SBL Ache Nil Drop is a homeopathy medicine used in viral infections. This medicine deals with symptoms and also boosts your immune system. Viral infections don’t respond towards the anti-bodies, but this medicine improves the condition internally with increasing the immune power of the body. The diseases like dengue, chikungunya which spread with the bite of mosquito prevents the body conditions with this medicine.

This medicine is mainly prescribed for: fever, cough, cold, headaches, body pain, backpain, improving immune system, removing the infection from root, skin problems, sore dry throat, itching, rashes, heart issues, rheumatic disorder, and eczema.

Side Effects:
There are no side-effects seen through this medicine, sometimes there is chances of dizziness, mild mood swings, sleepiness, nervousness, drowsiness. The medicine should be taken under doctor recommendation. It is strictly followed the instructions of dosage by doctor.

Direction of Use:
The SBL Ache Nil Drop should be taken twice or thrice a day with half cup of water. Approximately 5-10 drops should be taken with water.

Basically, the drops are not harmful for heart, liver or any patient suffering from different disease. Pregnant women and Breast-feeding women should sonsult a Doctor before taking this medicine.

Uses Of SBL Ache-Nil Drop


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