Quadriderm RF Cream 10gm

Quadriderm RF Cream 10gm

Type: Cream
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Quadriderm RF 10gm Cream is a recognized medicine which treats skin infections caused by microorganisms. It is a combination of three drug salt. Beclometasone is a steroid, Neomycin is an antibacterial and Clotrimazole is an antifungal agent.

Kills bacteria and fungi which causes skin infection. Treats skin inflammation like dermatitis, impetigo, candida, pruritis, and tinea infection so on. It prevents symptoms like red sores, itching, rashes and scratching.

Dosage as prescribed by your doctor. Wash your hands and affected areas before and after the use of the medicine and dry well. A thin layer of cream must be applied on affected areas.

Side Effects:
Burning, irritation, itching, allergy, redness, dryness, and cracks on the skin. If any allergic reaction noticed, do inform your doctor.

Uses Of Quadriderm RF Cream 10gm


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