Prevenar 7 Injection 0.5ml

Prevenar 7 Injection 0.5ml

Manufacturer: Pfizer Ltd
Type: Injection
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Prevenar 7 Injection could be a vaccine of 0.5ml that's used for the prevention of diseases caused by pneumococcal bacteria like meningitis, pneumonia, infections in blood and ear, etc. These pneumococcal diseases refer to any illness generated because of the bacteria. Anyone can become the victim of this disease from the age of 2-year-old to the age of 65 years old also people with certain medical conditions and smokers are at higher risk of this disease.

Prevnar could be a kind of a sterile solution of saccharides of the capsular antigens of Streptococcus Pneumonia which when injected within the upper muscle arm of the body generates antibodies inside by initiating a light infection. This mild infection doesn't harm our body in any way instead it stimulates the system for our body.


Mostly there aren't any visual or physical side effects of this vaccine but a number of the common side effects are as follows and that they are:

Weakness, Tiredness, Muscle Pain, Headache, Redness at the location of the injection.

Uses Of Prevenar 7 Injection 0.5ml


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