Pamorelin LA 11.25mg Injection 1'S (C)

Pamorelin LA 11.25mg Injection 1'S (C)

Content: Triptorelin (11.25mg)
Type: Injection
Package Type: 1 Injection
*Prescription Required
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Introduction: Pamorelin injection is prescribed for the treatment of Prostate cancer, Endometriosis, and Precocious Puberty. Intake of this injection reduces the production of testosterone and estrogen in males and females respectively. It stops the growth of cancer cells and relieves symptoms like period pain, back pain, and constipation. The medicine works best if regular doses are taken in the proper cycle. 

Storage: The injection should be stored at room temperature (10-30 degree centigrade)

Use: The dose of this injection must be regulated by a health professional. Please do not self-administer. If you miss any day dose please consult your doctor.
Side effects: The use of this injection may cause back pain, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, weakness, and frequent sweating. It may also cause menopause or excess bleeding, for this consult your doctor. Most of the side effects vanish once the body adjusts to it.

Precaution: Pamorelin injection is highly unsafe to use during pregnancy, it produces harmful impacts on the developing baby. But for breastfeeding cases, consult your doctor. Avoid driving while on its dose as it causes dizziness and blurred vision. In case of kidney and liver diseases dose alteration may be required, so inform your doctor about it beforehand.

Uses Of Pamorelin LA 11.25mg Injection 1'S (C)

Cancer Care | Hormones

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