Orofer Fcm Injection 10ml

Orofer Fcm Injection 10ml

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Orofer FCM injection is used for the treatment of Anaemia. Anaemia is a disease in which the body lacks the amount of iron as required. This injection helps in building of iron and red blood cells (RBC).

Orofer FCM injection 10 ml is used when proportion of red blood cells decreases in the body in comparison with the requirement. The capsule can be swallowed easily through mouth. But in the case of injection one needs to consult doctor. You can either consume it empty stomach in the vein or as prescribed by doctor. It boosts the level of immunity. For using this injection you need to be free from allergies reactions. Normally two doses are given within 7 days.

Side Effects:
Some of the side effects include vomiting , severe headache, dizziness, high blood pressure and pains. These can be felt immediately after the dose of injection.

This medicine is not advisable for pregnant women and on breast feeding.

It must be stored at room temperature or a cool and dry place.

Uses Of Orofer Fcm Injection 10ml

Gynaecological | Anemia Due To Chronic Kidney Disease

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