Onco Bcg 40mg Vaccine

Onco Bcg 40mg Vaccine

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Onco Bcg 40mg is a vaccine availed for the treatment of early-stage bladder cancer. It helps in reducing the risk of cancer by killing the cancer cells. The outcome of this vaccine is only employed on the person in his early stage of bladder cancer which hasn't reached the bladder muscles yet.

It is also used in resistance to tuberculosis and immunotherapy of cancer. The full form of BCG is bacille Calmette-Guerin. It is based on the bacterium's bovine strain.

Side Effects:

Upset Stomach, Fatigue, Blood in urine, Increase in the frequency for urine urgency, Fever, Granulomatous inflammation, Cystitis, Dysuria in few cases.

Uses Of Onco Bcg 40mg Vaccine


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