Oflokem D Eye/Ear Drops

Oflokem D Eye/Ear Drops

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd
Content: Ofloxacin (0.3% w/v) + Dexamethasone (0.1% w/v)
Type: Packet
Package Type: 10 ml in 1 packet
*Prescription Required
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Oflokem D Eye/Ear Drops are prescribed to treat bacterial eye infections, which may cause extensive eye irritation and itching.


How it works

Oflokem D eye/ear drops work by inhibiting the growth of the infection causing bacteria and thus preventing the spread of the infection.


Oflokem D Eye/Ear drops must be taken in the exact same dose as prescribed by your doctor.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects of Oflokem D drops are burning sensation, itching, irritation and redness at the site of application, which may subside over the course of a few days.


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