Nurostar Tablet

Nurostar Tablet

Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma (P) Ltd
Type: Tablet
Package Type: 10 tablets
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Nurostar is a dietary supplement that contains elements such as chromium, zinc, folate, methylcobalamin, niacinamide, and pyridoxine. 

Benefits of key ingredients:

  • Elemental chromium improves blood sugar and helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes
  • Zinc present in the tablet is an essential mineral important for many biological functions
  • Healthy red blood cells are developed by folic acid

Use the drug only under medical supervision

Important uses of the tablet:

  • Beneficial for diabetic patients to manage their blood sugar level
  • It is also used as a general medical supplement
  • Used to maintain good health and growth

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