Nurokind-LC Injection

Nurokind-LC Injection

Manufacturer: Mankind Pharma (P) Ltd
Content: Levo-carnitine (200mg)
Type: Others
Package Type: 5 ml in 1 ampoule
*Prescription Required
Offer Price: Rs. 40.00
MRP Rs. 50.00 20.00% Off
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Nurokind-LC Injection is an amino acid, which is a type of drug. Carnitine deficiency is treated with this supplement. It aids the body’s energy production and increases the efficiency of body functions.  Nurokind-LC Injection is often given by a medical expert. This is not something you should self-administer at home. It may produce minor and brief injection site reactions such as discomfort, edoema, and redness. Nurokind-LC Injection is normally a safe drug, but it might induce nausea, vomiting, and responses such as swelling, redness, and pain at the injection site. While you are on the medication, your doctor may check your blood glucose levels on a frequent basis. 

Before starting the medicine, inform your doctor if you have any other medical complications or are taking any other medications. Patients with severe kidney disease should not take this medicine unless prescribed by the doctor. 

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