Nikoran 5mg Tablet 20'S

Nikoran 5mg Tablet 20'S

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Nikoran 5mg Tablet is a medicine prescribed to treat Angina (heart-related chest pain). This medicine reduces heart-related chest pain by widening blood vessels and improving blood flow to the heart. The tablet contains Nicorandil and is prescribed to the adults when one is not in a condition to take medicines of the group "beta blockers" or "calcium antagonists"; or when other medicines do not seen to be effective.

Side Effects of Nikoran 5mg tablet includes:
- Headache
- Nausea
- Flushing
- Weakness and
- Dizziness.

The medicine should be taken as exactly as prescribed by the doctor. For questions related to the medicine, please contact the doctor.

Uses Of Nikoran 5mg Tablet 20'S

Cardiac Care

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