Neosporin Ointment 20gm

Neosporin Ointment 20gm

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Neosporin Skin Ointment belongs to a medically approved group of medicines. It is advised in order to treat different kinds of bacterial skin infections. Regular use of this ointment help us in reliving of redness, swelling, itching, etc., by acting against the infection-causing microorganisms.

It is a combination of three antibiotics that works against bacterial infection.
It minimizes symptoms of skin infection such as redness, swelling and itching.
Before using the cream wash such area with soap and water and dry well.
A thin layer must be applied on the affected skin.
It may also be used for small cuts or wounds on your skin.

Side Effects:
Regular use of this medicine may result in mild symptoms like Rashes, Burning, Irritation, Itching and Redness.

Uses Of Neosporin Ointment 20gm


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