Nailrox Cream

Nailrox Cream

Content: Ciclopirox (1% w/w)
Type: Tube
Package Type: 50 gm in 1 tube
*Prescription Required
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Nailrox cream is a recommended medicine for infections caused due to fungal microorganisms. It is formed with the help of one drug salt and is antifungal in nature. It also effective in nails infection only if recommended by a doctor.

- Treats skin infection caused by fungi by killing and preventing the growth of fungi.
- Provides relief from various symptoms, such as pain and itching also speeds up the healing process.

Side Effects:
There are certain side effects which do not require any medical attention in personal like itching, burning, or stinging sensation at the site of application. It may also cause worsen symptoms or any allergic reaction due to different in skin type. In such case contact your doctor and disclose the matter clearly.

For external use only
Clean and dry the affected area before applying medicine
Take small amount of cream and apply gently on affected area
Do not forget to wash hands after using medicine unless it is affected area
Use it properly in a manner dosage prescribed and stop the infection from reoccurring

- Avoid using it frequently in a day for better results it will cause adverse impact
- Use different soap and towel for the affected area
- Avoid using it for eyes, mouth, nose and sensitive areas, accidental usage needs washing the area
- Consult your doctor before using it in pregnancy or breastfeeding

Uses Of Nailrox Cream

Derma | Fungal Nail Infections

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