Mupimet Ointment 10gm

Mupimet Ointment 10gm

Content: MUPIROCIN 2%W/W
Type: Cream
Package Type: 1 Piece
*Prescription Required
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Mupimet Ointment 10gm is a recognized medicine and is a tropical antibiotic ointment. It is used to prevent bacteria from growing on your skin surface. The drug salt named Mupirocin an antibiotic, prescribed for impetigo is used in the preparation of this medicine.
Nature-Antibiotic Medicine
Storage- Room Temperature (10-30°C)

-For External use only
-Dosage as prescribed by a doctor
-Wash the face with soap and water and dry well.
-Take a small amount of medicine and gently rub on the affected area of the skin 
-Apply it regularly and preferably at the same time every day, also frequent usage is prohibited.

-Kills the bacteria causing Bacterial Skin Infection
-Prevents the synthesis of essential proteins necessary for the survival of bacteria
-Treatment of infected hair follicles and red sores

-Not to use near or within your eyes, nose, mouth, or sensitive parts.
-Wash the area with cold water in lieu of accidental above usage.
-Consult your doctor if you have any previous history of allergy regarding the drug salt.
-If no change is noted in 3-4 weeks then one should inform your doctor.

Side effects-
No severe side effects have been recorded it may cause certain worsen symptoms on the application sites like burning, irritation, itching, and redness.
If any allergic reaction comes in notice please contact your doctor.

Uses Of Mupimet Ointment 10gm


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