Mensuline Forte Capsule

Mensuline Forte Capsule

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Mensuline Forte Capsule is prescribed to females suffering from a disorder of the female reproductive system like amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, pre and post-menopausal problems.


How it works

Mensuline Forte Capsule works by the action of Ajmoda, Ashok, Kalihari, Kalonji, Kapas root, Tankan bhasma, Sarifa beej, Mooli beej, Heera Bol, Hamala, Harakashis, Chitrak, Gajar beej and by the combined action of all of these, helps to recover from the reproductive system disorder.


Mensuline Forte Capsule must be taken as per the schedule advised by your doctor.

SIde effects

Given the fact that the medicine contains all the herbal ingredients, it does not cause any major side effects. But if you may experience any, then contact the doctor.


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