Maxtra Gargle

Maxtra Gargle

Manufacturer: Zuventus Healthcare Ltd
Content: Benzydamine (0.15% w/v)
Type: Bottle
Package Type: 120 ml in 1 bottle
Offer Price: Rs. 93.50
MRP Rs. 110.00 15.00% Off
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Maxtra Gargle is highly beneficial to provide relief to the pain caused due to radiotherapy, chemotherapy or ulcers in the mouth, throat or upper lining of the mouth.

How it works

Maxtra Gargle stops the secretion of the prostaglandins that cause the sensation of inflammation and pain. Simultaneously, it coats the ulcers in order to provide some relief from the pain.


Maxtra Gargle is to be taken as prescribed by the doctor depending upon your medical condition.

Side effects

Skin irritation and burning sensation are some common side effects that might be experienced by the patient for short period of time.


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