Lobate GM Neo Cream 15gm

Lobate GM Neo Cream 15gm

Manufacturer: Abbott India Ltd
Content: Clobetasol (0.05% w/w) + Miconazole (2% w/w) + Neomycin
Type: Cream
Package Type: 1 tube
*Prescription Required
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Lobate GM Cream is a medically approved medicine advised to treat various types of Skin Infections. It relieves of common symptoms related to inflammation like redness, swelling, and itching by killing the infection-causing microorganisms. Regular use of this cream helps in fighting the microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Another benefit of using this cream includes removal of symptoms such as itching, redness and swelling.


  • External use (Prescribed by Doctor).
  • Before application, wash the area with soap and water and dry well.
  • A thin layer must be applied on the area of skin where symptoms of inflammation appear.
  • Even if the skin infection gets cured it is preferred to use the cream till the prescribed time for effective results.

Side Effects:
There is no severe side effects of Lobate GM unless and until someone is allergic to salts included in the cream.

  • Allergic skin rejection.
  • Thinning and dryness of skin.
  • Redness of skin.
  • Skin atrophy.
  • Skin cracking.

Highly prohibited the use of such creams near or within your eyes, nose, mouth or sensitive parts as it may cause irritation, redness or minor damage to them. If accidently it happens then you are suggested to wash it out with cold water frequently.

Uses Of Lobate GM Neo Cream 15gm


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