Karvol Plus Capsule

Karvol Plus Capsule

Manufacturer: Indoco Remedies Ltd
Content: CAMPHOR 25 mg+Chlorothymol 5 mg+Eucalyptol 125 mg+MENTH
Type: Capsule
Package Type: 10 Capsule
*Prescription Required
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Each capsule contains camphor (25mg), chlorothymol (5mg), eucalyptol (125mg), Terpineol BP (120mg) and menthol encapsulated in soft gelatin cover. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties that lower the levels of histamine H1 and muscarinic MG receptor.

Usage and Benefits:
Karvol plus capsule is suitable for adults and children above 3 years. It is a decongestant medicine that helps relieve nasal package blockage due to common cold, asthma, cough and infections of the respiratory tract. Eucalyptol, terpineol and chlorothymol have antiseptic as well as anti-infective properties. Methanol helps in expelling the mucus stuck in lungs and helps clear the nasal passage thus easing the breathing. It also helps as de-stressing agent by reducing fatigue as well as relaxing the body and mind.

Side Effects:
There is no serious side effect but it might cause nasal irritation, sore throat, burning sensation, dryness in the nasal cavity and vomiting. These side effects subside eventually but it is advised to consult the doctor if the side effects or symptoms still persist.

Karvol plus capsule should be stored in cool and dry place. It should not be ingested or applied on body or skin. Keep away from reach of children.

How to Use:
The capsule is to be used for inhalation purpose only. It can be used by adding to boiling water and taking steam of the vapors or by pouring the content on handkerchief, tissue, or hand towel.

Uses Of Karvol Plus Capsule

Cold & Cough

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