Juviana Plus Capsule 10'S

Juviana Plus Capsule 10'S

Content: Agmatine 500 MG+Cytidine 2.5 MG+PALMITOYLETHANOLAMIDE 3
Type: Capsules
Package Type: 10 Capsules
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Juviana Plus Capsule is a combination medicine which helps in treatment of Neuropathic pain. In Most of the cases, Neuropathic pain is chronic in nature, can be caused by progressive nerve disease and as a result of injury or infection.

Regular use of Juviana Plus Capsule helps you with relief from Neuropathic pain which tends to get worse over time.
However please consult with your Doctor before taking this capsule. If you witness any side effects, Please connect with your Doctor immediately.

Neuropathic pain

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