Iodex Balm 16 gm

Iodex Balm 16 gm

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The Iodex Balm is basically the composition of pain reliever faster in joints, neck, back. It is very much used for every muscular pain. It is cheap and effective.

The medicine is used to treat problems like:

- Swelling in legs, hands
- Muscular pain in neck
- Backache
- Instant relief

Side Effects:
The Iodex shows no side-effects till yet. It is applicable to only swelling portion or painful part.
It is not advisable to apply on wounded area or bleeding part.

Aware about the expiry dates.
Keep away from the children.
Read the ingredients properly to prevent from the side-effects or allergies.
If the person is allergic, try to avoid it.
Do not apply on bleeding area.
Overapplication is also not advisable.

Uses Of Iodex Balm 16 gm

Fever | Pain Relief

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