Influvac Junior 2019 Vaccine

Influvac Junior 2019 Vaccine

Manufacturer: Abbott India Ltd
Content: Inactivated influenza vaccine (0.25ml)
Type: Others
Package Type: 0.25 ml in 1 prefilled syringe
*Prescription Required
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It is a vaccine provided for the Flu virus also referred to as Influenza. Flu could be a serious virus that happens within the season from fall to early spring. It's a viral respiratory tract infection that brings sniffling, coughing, fatigue, sneezing and every one the familiar symptoms of the flu. The severity of this illness differs from person to person. The Influvac Vaccine is taken into account because it is the best way to prevent the flu from spreading at a high rate. The vaccine helps in reducing the severity of the illness by increasing the formation of antigens within the body. The vaccine is being prepared with the strains of the virus that's suggested as the most common flu virus by scientists based on their research. One dose of this vaccine is enough for each year because the flu emerges as a replacement strain very frequently.

Side Effects:
Most of the side effects don't seem to be that serious and does not require serious attention and gets healed with time. Some common Effects are Fever, Soreness around the injected area, Stiffness, Headache and Mild Aches.

Uses Of Influvac Junior 2019 Vaccine


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