Glizid M Tablet 15'S

Glizid M Tablet 15'S

Manufacturer: Panacea Biotec Ltd
Type: Tablet
Package Type: 15 Tablets
*Prescription Required
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Glizid M is given to type 2 diabetic patients, whose diabetes cannot be controlled by regular exercises and diet control.

How it works

Glizid M increases the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas and lowers the glucose production by the liver, hence increasing the body’s response to insulin.


It is recommended to take Glizid M after a meal to avoid an upset stomach, or as prescribed by the doctor.

Side effects

Most of the side effects of Glizid M such as low blood sugar levels, sweating, palpitations are not to worry about and eventually subside as the course of the medicine proceeds.


Uses Of Glizid M Tablet 15'S

Anti Diabetic

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