Fusibact Cream

Fusibact Cream

Manufacturer: CIPLA Ltd
Content: Fusidic Acid (2% w/w)
Type: Tube
Package Type: 10 gm in 1 tube
Offer Price: Rs. 54.90
MRP Rs. 61.00 10% Off
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Fusibact cream is a medicine that belongs to the antibiotic category composes of one drug salt which treats bacterial infection of various parts of the body. It prevents the bacteria from growing back and also protects the small cuts and wound from infection.
Nature- Antibacterial
Storage- Room temperature

*For external use only
*Wash and dry the affected area and hands before using the medicine
*Take a small amount of cream and apply it to the affected area
*The prescribed dosage is to be used or read the label for directions before use

*Treats the bacterial infection of different affected areas
*Prevents the formation of essential protein for the growth of bacteria
*Treats boils, impetigo, and infected hair follicles
*Also helpful in preventing small cuts and wounds from bacterial infection

*Avoid using it for eyes, nose, mouth, and sensitive areas, and in accidental usage rinse with water
*Before using it during pregnancy and breastfeeding consult the doctor
*If there are no improvements recorded in 3-5 days then contact your doctor
*In case of existing or after use allergic problem immediately consult the doctor

Side effect-
No major side effects are recorded, it does not need any medical attention after the body adjusts to the ointment. Some common side effects are worsening symptoms like irritation, burning, redness, and itching.

Uses Of Fusibact Cream


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