Dr. Reckeweg Pyrogenium Dilution 200 CH

Dr. Reckeweg Pyrogenium Dilution 200 CH

Manufacturer: Dr Reckeweg & Co
Type: Others
Package Type: 11 ml Dilution
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The DR. Reckeweg Pyrogenium Dilution 200 CH is basically the homeopathic medicine which deals with multiple disorders like post delivery fever, joint pains, typhoid, malaria, tired-full body, headaches. This medicine is cheap and effective at very terms.

This medicine is used to treat problems like: high cold, fever after delivery, major headaches, malaria, typhoid fever, swelling, pain in joints, cough cold, sneezing shoot, restlessness, and infection in kidneys.

Side Effects:
The medicine is highly recommendable to the patients with multiple problems but only if he or she is not allergic to the ingredients of the meds.
If you are allergic, try to avoid the intake.
There are very rare side effects of this medicine like upset stomach, vomiting, mild itching sensation, urge to pee more, only when the dosage is taken irregularly or in high amount.
Do not consume the medicine without doctor’sadvise.

Uses Of Dr. Reckeweg Pyrogenium Dilution 200 CH


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