Dr. Reckeweg Influenzinum Dilution 30 CH

Dr. Reckeweg Influenzinum Dilution 30 CH

Manufacturer: Dr Reckeweg & Co
Type: Others
Package Type: 11 ml Dilution
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The Dr. Reckeweg Influenzium Dilution is homeopathy medicine which deals with normal to moderate issues in fever, cold, headache, cough, sneezing. This medicine is cheap and effective. The medicine is only taken under doctor’s consultation.

The medicine is used to treat the problems like:
- Fever
- Pain
- Fatigue
- Cough
- Sneezing shoot
- Viral flu
- Upset stomach
- Diarrhoea
- Backache

Side Effects:
The medicine has very rare side effects in different conditions. It is consulted twice for side-effects. If the person is allergic with some of its ingredients, side effects like itching, rashes on body, upset stomach, vomiting are all experienced. If the person is taking overdose of it, the issues like pimples, upset mouth (mouth will get no-taste in anything). Try to avoid taking over-dose.

Keep away from children.
Do not drink medicine with alcohol.
Do not drive after taking the medicines.

Uses Of Dr. Reckeweg Influenzinum Dilution 30 CH


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