Derobin Ointment 30gm

Derobin Ointment 30gm

Manufacturer: Usv (P) Ltd
Content: COAL TAR 5.3 %+DITHRANOL 1.15 %+SALICYLIC ACID 1.15 %
Type: Cream
Package Type: 1 Piece
*Prescription Required
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Derobin Ointment 30gm is a combination of three drugs salt. It is used to treat Psoriasis a skin disorder which causes formation of multiplication of skin cells. It creates bumpy red patches covered with white scales. Such patches occur on scalp, elbow, lower back and knees.

Prevents formation of large no of skin cells, treat red, scaly, itchy, dry patches on the skin, and also treats affected scalp and reduces symptoms.

For external use only. Wash your hand and affected area before using the medicine. Apply gently on the affected areas and let it settle down with skin.

Side Effects:
If you note any allergic reaction, then consult your doctor. It may cause worsen symptoms like:
- Skin dryness, irritation, redness and rash
- Burning sensation at the area applied
- Staining of skin and hair.

The patches may become itchy, painful and sometimes it may bleed. Avoid sun exposure after applying it there are chances of skin reactions. Avoid using it on the face, infected skin and hair follicles, broken skin and lesions containing pus. Avoid applying it on folded skin like groin and breast area. Avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth and private parts.

Uses Of Derobin Ointment 30gm


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