Crocin Pain Relief Tablet 15'S

Crocin Pain Relief Tablet 15'S

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The Crocin Pain Relief Tablet is a combination of paracetamol and caffeine. It is the painkiller which targets the pain in muscle, nerves, backpain, menstrual pain, chest pain, joint issues, swelling problems, stiffness, toothaches, migraines or major headaches. It gives you relief faster in pain.

The Crocin Pain Relief Tablet is anti-inflammatory medicine which deals with problems like sore throat, fever, cough-cold, influenza and also maintains the body temperature.

This Crocin Pain Relief Tablet is mainly prescribed for:
 - Accurate joint pain
- Migraines
- Arthritis 
- Muscle pain
- Swelling and stiffness
- Menstruation pain
- Backpain
- Nerve pain
- Tooth pain

Side Effects:
Major side effects of this medicine inlcude:
- Allergic reactions include serious rashes and lesions on skin which sometimes leads to peeling of skin.
- Bleeding 
- Swollen eyes
- Yellow or pale effect on face
- Discomfort in nature
- Dizziness
- Sleeping problems
- Mood swings

Uses Of Crocin Pain Relief Tablet 15'S


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