Crocin Cold & Flu Max Tablet 15's

Crocin Cold & Flu Max Tablet 15's

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The Crocin Cold and Flu Max Tablet is a painkiller which helps to cure the basic conditions of flu like blocked nose, headaches, mild or moderate fever, sneezing. It helps the patient to get back to normal condition. The medicine contains paracetamol, caffeine and phenylephrine. This tablet is taken in proper dosage given or consulted by the doctor. This is an effective medicine for sore throat, painful sneeze, and major headaches.

This medicine is mainly prescribed by the doctor for, mild or moderate fever, blocked nose, headaches, sore throat, swelling on neck (sometimes happen in cold), excessive cough, or discomfort in talking.

This Crocin Cold and Flu Max Tablet 15’S have the power to give relief from pain. It is effective enough to get the best results. If you are taking this, first consult it with the doctor to recommend it for safer health effects.

Side Effects:
The side effects should be observed at rare conditions are: raise in blood pressure, excitement and Nervousness at the same time, vomiting, blurry vision (rare), dizziness, or mood swings. This pain killer has paracetamol, so please check with your Doctor for allergic reactions in your body before taking this medicine.

In pregnancy, women should avoid taking this tablet. This considered to be serious problem during pregnancy. It leads to mis-carriage if it is taken regularly. The proportion should be very short when it is consumed, though it is pain killer but it is unhealthy and directly affects your liver. Children should avoid this. It is not recommended to drive after taking this medicine, as it feels like a dizzy person. Do not drink alcohol after taking this medicine.

Uses Of Crocin Cold & Flu Max Tablet 15's


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