Crocin Advance Tablet 20's

Crocin Advance Tablet 20's

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The Crocin Advanced Tablet is basically a painkiller which helps the person to get relief from the dosage. It is mainly for different types of muscle pain such as back pain, leg pain, toothache, headache, joint pain. This medicine blocks the chemical sensation which causes pain and also helps in providing good relief to patient. It is effective and affordable. This medicine also deals in treating common cold. The mild moderate fever also get relief from this crocin advanced tablet.

It is mainly prescribed for: Pain, mild fever, extreme instant headache, joint stretching, toothaches, back pain, and muscle pain.

Side Effects:
The side effects can be observed in rare condition when it is taken without doctor recommendation. They are:
Upset stomach (only when it is taken before having some food)
Raise in blood pressure
Different types of mood swings
Allergies (some patient might have allergic to paracetamol or other meds ingredients)

The medicine should be taken with proper guidance of doctor. The painkiller has side effects directly on kidneys. It is not taken for long duration. The small amount of quantity is considered good but long term aspects should be avoided.

Children should be kept away from this medicine. Do not take this medicine on empty stomach, otherwise the side effects should be worse. Pregnant women should be strictly avoid painkillers, and if you are taking it, consult your doctor twice. Do not drink alcohol after taking this medicine. It should be risky sometimes. People should be aware about the do’s and don’t for taking medicine. Allergic patient should avoid the medicine.

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