Crocin 650mg Tablet 15'S

Crocin 650mg Tablet 15'S

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Crocin 650 MG tablet is a painkiller associated with treating muscle pain, headaches, toothaches and menstrual pain. This tablet maintains the body temperature and also prevents fever. It decreases the levels of prostaglandins which increases in the pain and slow down the temperature of the body.

The CROCIN 650 MG tablet is mainly prescribed for: Mild-Moderate fever, muscular pain, menstruation pain, toothaches, Joint pain problems, fever after vaccination, and headaches.
The paracetamol has the ability to turn off all the ways of pain signals i.e., prostaglandins causing from brain.

Side Effects:
Rare types of side effects are allergic reaction, itching on skin, stomach pain, red rashes. The doctor consultation is a must if you are regularly taking this tablet because it damages the liver if taken for a long duration. It directly affects the kidneys.

Breastfeeding women should use the painkillers in moderation. A person suffering from malnutrition should avoid using this tablet, use only if the doctor has prescribed. If you are suffering from liver problems, avoid using this because long term usage affects the liver.

Uses Of Crocin 650mg Tablet 15'S


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