Crocin 120 Suspension Strawberry

Crocin 120 Suspension Strawberry

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The Crocin 120 Suspension Strawberry is the medicine which includes the paracetamol category and it deals with fever, pain, headache, backache. It gives relief in few minutes after the intake. The medicine should always be taken under doctor’s consultation.

The medicine is used to treat the following problems like:

- Fever
- Joint pain
- Swelling
- Backache
- Major headaches
- Chronic pain

Side Effects:
There are very rare side effects of this medicine like dizziness, nausea, vomiting (in very rare condition).
If the person is allergic to some of its ingredients, try to avoid it and consult the doctor twice.
It is basically the painkiller. It gives fast relief that doesn’t mean you can increase the intake every time. Try to use less.

It is safe to consume for pregnant women, but if you are taking it, consult your doctor once.
Do not take medicine with alcohol.
Keep away from children.
Use it wisely.

Uses Of Crocin 120 Suspension Strawberry


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