CO Mupimet Powder

CO Mupimet Powder

Content: Mupirocin (2% w/w) + Metronidazole (1% w/w)
Type: Powder
Package Type: 1 Powder in 1 box
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CO Mupimet Powder is a medically prescribed medicine to treat various types of skin infections. This medicine uses a combination of Mupirocin and Metronidazole, both effective in killing and growth of microorganisms. It kills the growth of infection-causing microorganisms to promote faster healing of infections.

The medicine should be applied gently to the affected areas with clean and dry hands. Wash your hands carefully after using this medicine. It may take up to several days to weeks for healing and clearing of the affected area. For any medical assistance, Please consult your Doctor before and after using of this medicine.

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