Caripill Tablet

Caripill Tablet

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The Caripill Tablet is basically derived from the leaves extract of papaya. This medicine formulates in the platelet production which enhances the count in the diseases like dengue. It helps in treating the fever and pain. This medicine has great results on stomach problems and other digestive disorders. This medicine works with genes which cope up with the problems related to stomach, ulcers, dengue, fever, and pain. There is an enzyme papain into the extract which helps the stomach to digest proteins. It comes easy when it is about digestion. The chronic condition is also improvised by the dosage of Capirill tablet.

This medicine is mainly prescribed for: upset stomach, digestion problems, ulcers, dengue, fever, pain, and bloating.

Side Effects:
The medicine has rare side effects like: nausea, Itching sensation on skin, vomiting, nervousness, blurry vision, mood swings. It is good when it is used under doctor consultation. Drinking habits should be avoided when taking the medicines.

The pregnant women strictly avoid this medicine, as it is harmful and also leads to miscarriage. This medicine is only taken under doctor’s recommendation. When the dosage of this medicine is going on, it is recommended to maintain a healthy diet. 

Uses Of Caripill Tablet

Fever | Pain Relief

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