Candid Mouth Paint 25ml

Candid Mouth Paint 25ml

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Candid Mouth Paint 25ml is a recognized medicine by doctors and is antifungal which treats mouth infection. You need to apply for this medicine daily for effective results. 
Storage- Store at room temperature
-As the doctor prescribe the dosage
-Wash and dry the affected area before applying for the medicine
-Apply for the medicine to the affected areas in a prescribed quantity
-Using once a day is enough in case of mild symptoms
-Cleans and heals oral infections
-Prevents and kills the fungi multiplication
-Hampers the production of ergosterol that is essential for the growth of fungus
-Binds with the mucosa (the inner surface of the lips and cheeks) from where it is slowly released into the saliva
Not to use it more than it is prescribed will destroy the taste buds
-Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking till 30 minutes after application of medicine
-Avoid intake of a huge amount of medicine directly
-Not to use it on other parts of the body except the mouth
-If you are allergic to any medicine or food disclose the same to the doctor
Side Effect-
-No common side effects have been traced. It may happen that the symptoms may get worsen.
-If any allergic reaction comes in notice do contact your doctor.

Uses Of Candid Mouth Paint 25ml


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