Budecort 200 Inhaler

Budecort 200 Inhaler

Manufacturer: CIPLA Ltd
Content: Budesonide (200mcg)
Type: Packet
Package Type: 200 MDI in 1 packet
*Prescription Required
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Budecort 200 is a steroid prescribed to patients suffering from asthma and prevent and reduce the occurrences of asthma attacks.


How it works

Budecort 200 inhaler works by inhibiting chemical messengers in the lungs and breathing passages to cause inflammation of the airways, thus reducing the chances of episodes of asthma attacks.


Budecort 200 inhaler should be used as per the dose and schedule prescribed by your doctor depending on your medical condition.

Side effects

Throat irritation, fungal infection in mouth and difficulty in swallowing are the common side effects of Budecort 200 inhaler.


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