Becosules Capsule 20'S

Becosules Capsule 20'S

Manufacturer: Pfizer Ltd
Content: ASCORBIC ACID(VIT C)+BIOTIN+Calcium Pantothenate+Cyanoc
Type: Capsule
Package Type: 20 Capsules
Offer Price: Rs. 45.20
MRP Rs. 50.23 10.01% Off
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It's used to heal tissues, treat sore tongues and mouth ulcers, and keep hair from greying prematurely. It is required for persons on special diets. It can also help persons who are on restricted diets with a limited food variety, as well as those who have inadequate diets, such as alcoholics, the elderly, diabetics, those recovering from surgery, and those in convalescence.

Becosules are generally considered to be safe, with few or no negative effects. It's advisable to tell your doctor if you're using any other drugs or diet supplements to avoid drug interactions. Apart from taking this medication, read about vitamin B-complex food sources so that you can acquire enough of these vitamins through your diet.  


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