Bakson's B11 Pain Drop

Bakson's B11 Pain Drop

Manufacturer: Bakson's Homeopathy
Type: Drops
Package Type: 30 ml Drop
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The Bakson’s B11 Pain Drop is homeopathic medicine which deals with major headaches and migraines. This medicine controls the muscle pain and joint pain which relates to headaches. Such pain is sometimes relatable to pain observed in body. This pain drop heals the system of the body which deals with the pain. It blocks the chemical signal which helps in experiencing pain and helps in overcoming from the pain related to body. This pain drop helps to relive the accurate shoot pain in body.

This medicine is mainly prescribed for treatment of: backache, shooting pain in legs or joints, swollen legs, major headaches, migraines, numbness in body parts, neck problems, itching sensation in some parts, arthritis, and treats in extreme urge of urination. The dosage of medicine should be pecular and should be followed regularly for good results.

Side Effects:
The are rare type of side-effects like mood swings, dizziness, weakness in body. The side-effects are only observed when the patient is not taking medicines regularly.

Direction of Use:
The Bakson’s B11 pain drop should be used twice or thrice a day of 5-10 drops with half cup of water. The healthy diet food is mandatory with consuming medicines.

The person should take rest properly with the pain they feel.
The person should consult doctor in every step of treatment.
If the person is allergic to some of its ingredients, try to avoid it.
This medicine should be taken before having food to act faster in pain for relief.

Uses Of Bakson's B11 Pain Drop


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