B Bact Ointment

B Bact Ointment

Content: Mupirocin (2% w/w)
Type: Tube
Package Type: 5 gm in 1 tube
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B Bact ointment is a tropical antibiotic medicine which is composed of one drug salt. It treats the bacterial infection of different parts of body and prevents the growth of protein which causes multiplication of bacterial microorganism.

Treats bacterial skin infection and prevents the growth of infection
Effectively treats boils, impetigo and hair follicles which are infected
Relieves from symptoms like burning, itching and irritation
Also helpful in preventing small cuts and wounds from bacterial infection.

Side Effects:
Initially it may cause slight irritation on the application site but if it won’t go then consult your doctor. No major side effects are noted, it do not need any medical attention after body adjust with the ointment. Some common side effects are worsening symptoms like irritation, burning, redness and itching. In case any allergic reactions is noticed then consult your doctor immediately.

For external use only
Wash and dry the affected area and hands gently before application of cream
Take a small amount of ointment and apply it on affected area forming thin layer of it
Dosage and duration must be followed as prescribed by doctor.

Avoid using it on face, underarms and groin without consultation of doctor
Avoid using it for eyes, nose, mouth and sensitive areas and in accidental usage rinse with water
Consult your doctor before using it during pregnancy and breastfeeding
If there is no improvements recorded in 3-5 days then contact your doctor
In case of existing allergic problem disclose the same to doctor

Uses Of B Bact Ointment


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